Listen up, cos we're on a mission. All around us, we see art and information being consumed in the same place: photography and illustration living harmoniously alongside cultural articles and feminist essays, all on the same platform. But we see a major gap. Where is the poetry? The creative nonfiction? Prose? These forms usually lie hidden in the niche world of literary magazines, and are hardly given the spotlight they deserve. That's where we come in.

Our aim is to bring you a lit and arts mag in an accessible, digital zine format. And we want your contribution! Tell Tale is a platform for like-minded people the world over to share their ideas and art, whatever the medium. Head to the Submissions page for more information.

Also check back between issues, as we keep the Tell-Tale Diaries updated with culture and opinion articles, playlists, photo diaries, and more.

Our mailbox is waiting! Submit and stay tuned. We bring it to you, with love.