Summer Art Exhibition: Adele Juraža

Welcome to Tell-Tale's Summer Art Exhibition. Here, we present a diary of sorts; a both visual and written solo gallery by Adele Juraža. In her own words, the themes of her work vary from happiness, joy, love and lust to sadness, disappointment and longing. She's had two exhibitions called "Complex Conscience Vol.1 & Vol.2." The theme of her work, she writes, is the visualization of conscience with raw feelings and true emotions which can sometimes be very personal and intimate.

We were entranced by Adele's brilliant use of colour and symbolism. Scroll down to enjoy the brightest exhibition of the Summer.


Affected Lust 

This one is very personal. It's about a relationship between 2 people who can't be together because of other people. The connection was so strong that it became very painful to be apart but the friendships involved were way more important and long lasting than this intense fling would ever be. Although we might never find out if there was any future in it. It came to a point where it was between us being together and hurting others or saving long time friendship with not being together. 


We Are Real N°4

This is a series of 4 collages about fake people. At that time (and still from time to time), I came across so many people who didn't seem genuine. Everything about them seemed artificial and put on. As if there was a trend going on and you had to be part of it. It was very disturbing and bothered me a lot. It confused me that someone would think that by putting on this face, fake personality and mannerism, it will somehow improve their lives and push them forward. As in reality it does the opposite.


Smooth Theft  

I made this one after an internship in an advertising agency. I felt emotionally drained, nothing I did was good enough. They pushed me so hard that by the end of it, I lost all my confidence and questioned if I really want to do graphic design. I don't think I've ever felt like such a burden. It was a really intense experience but it taught me a lot and I'm a stronger person because of it.


Choices N°2            

This one is about the opportunities in life. I made this before I moved to Edinburgh. It was a big transition time, I was living with my parents and planning to move to a different country completely on my own. I think I had about 4 different countries in mind so I did a research of all of the possibilities I could be doing in each of the places. Eventually I ended up going to UK to continue studies in Edinburgh. It's a series of 2 collages - Choices N°1 & N°2.


Exotic Consciousness 

After a trip to Amsterdam I felt very inspired and fueled. This is what I created after returning home. This isn't about my experience of taking heavy drugs, I was the one on the outside, observing people traveling in their deepest thoughts and pulling out their demons. The beauty of self consciousness and seeing yourself from a different angle, the liberation of letting go, opening your mind to something new. There's a fine line between it becoming dangerous and being a life changing experience. It's in our control to stay in balance with it. *


About the Artist

Adele Juraža is a visual artist currently studying Graphic Design at Edinburgh Napier University. Whilst being super interested in graphics, she's a passionate collage maker. Her work is inspired by everyday life, people's reactions and her own thoughts and emotions. She pays a lot of attention to detail and uses bold colours. Most of her work can be translated using symbolism. Every element in her artwork represents something and sends a message to the viewer. 

She is currently having an exhibition on until the end of the summer in Brunsfield, Edinburgh. Here's a link to it:"ref"%3A"22"%2C"feed_story_type"%3A"22"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"%7D&pnref=story



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